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 Products >> Liquid Dispenser
YD810 Dispenser
Size:  195*216*60mm
Air input:  80 to 120psi
Dispense time: 0.01to 31 seconds ±0.1......More
YD820 dispenser


Y&D800 Squirm Dispenser

1.Application for dispensing the liquid in lowness density(Such as:instant a......More

YD1800 Dispenser
Air input: 80 to 120psi
Dispense time: 0.001 to 99.99 ......More
YD2800 dispenser
Size:  133*155*167mm
Air input:  80 to 120psi
Dispense time: 0.001-9.999s/0.01-99.......More
Y&D900 Rotary dispenser


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