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 Products >> Tips
YD precision stainless steel tips
  Using the aluminous to solder between the plastic parts and the tube,for improvement the drawing......More
TT tapered tips
  Unique tips provide smooth flow all fluid Types. Molded of polyethylene with UV-light Block addi......More
TE precision stainless steel tips
  Precision,burr-free passivated stainless steel chamfered tips for easy positioning between delic......More
Metal tips
  These metal needles are made of SUS stainless steel, making them very long lasting. You can sele......More
Teflon tips

       Ideal for very low viscous and fast adhesive material......More

Metal tips
For high-precision dispensing of materials containing fillers
This nozzle is suitable for high-......More
PP flexibility tips
  Suit for dispensing in different complication,for convenience use in the leftover.the tube lengt......More
Polypropylene Tips
        It has chemical-resistance and ......More
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